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  • Pagode de Vincennes Route de la Ceinture du Lac Daumesnil 75012 Paris France (map)

The Peace Festival is an invitation to counteract that. It offers a nice breath of fresh air in the heart of the Vincennes Woods in Paris by taking a break for a weekend in September.

It is the perfect opportunity to take it easy, breathe, share, reflect, and listen as the rest of life takes the back seat during this one weekend. What we wish to give you is a life-changing experience, one that each participant will take home with them and continue to cultivate in their own “interior” garden.

Since 2005 the festival has become the perennial annual event that provides funding directly to the Temple for Peace. The goal of this project brought about by the respected Lama Gyurmé is to make the temple’s construction as well as its need for financial support known to as many people as possible.

The Temple for Peace’s mission is to help us all live in harmony with ourselves and our natural environment thanks to the transmission of ancient Buddhist wisdom. It is also thanks to cultural activities that we grow to know ourselves better so that in turn we have better understanding and act with more benevolence with regard to our environment.

Participating in the Peace Festival is the opportunity to contribute to the Temple for Peace’s construction, the foundations of which have already been laid in Normandy.